Lloyd's Home Page

This Webpage is an outgrowth of my curiosity about building pages for the Internet. It will have a personal section for a little about me and perhaps some of my family. I believe I have spent some interesting times and travels. I am sure some folks will be interested in reading about them. It will be up to my family to decide which want to have a page here also. My grand daughter has all ready decided she wants a page.

I intend to have a section of cooking conversions and a glossary of spanish cooking terms and Spanish/English and English/Spanish cooking words. I have found these terms are sometimes hard to come-by.

There will be a section on Barbecue. It will have a definition, places you can go see various pits, and some Recipes for Brining and Smoke cooking. Additionally I want to have information on Cold Smoking.

There will also be a section on Recipes. Some of general interest and others from around the World. The hardest part will be separating them by country.

In the future I hope to have a section for Amateur Radio also. But there are many things that have to come together first.