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Make Chai From Scratch - 2c

a2, beverage

1 cup water
2 cups milk
3 teaspoon tea; plus a bit extra
  ginger; freshly chopped
  cardamom pods
  a little piece clove; (optional)
  sugar; to taste

Why not try and make chai from scratch? You can vary the following
according to taste. I love the stuff as an alternative. In India almost
every street corner has a "chai" stall where its popularity makes even the
most modest business a going concern :-) 1/3 water

Throw it all into a suacepan cold and bring slowly to a boil. When boiling
turn up the heat and swirl it around until it reaches the desired strength
and the spices provide a kick. Strain it into small glasses.

It is not everyone's cup of ... (sorry) but about 800 Indians get off on

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