Jassmine's Page

Hello, my name is Jassmine. I am a 9 year old girl. I am in the third grade at McDonnald Elementry School. Because of medical problems, the Doctor will only let me go to school for 2 hours four days a week. My grandma is so sweet to me. She takes me to school in the morning and waits outside the classroom for me to go home. If she was not there, the school would not allow me to be in school. My School Teacher is Mrs. Landry. I like her. She teaches me Spelling and Math. I am now learning multiplication. Sometimes it is hard.

In the afternoon, I have home schooling for an additional 2 hours on the same four days. My teacher for home school is Mrs. Jackson. She teaches me English, Social Studies, Science and Reading. She is teaching me Cursive Writing. Mrs. Jackson sometimes takes me on Field trips.

Update... I graduated from the third grade on the "A" honor roll. I will try to continue to get straight A's but that is hard to do.

At my home, I have a dog named Blue. She is a nice to me at all times. She is a Chocolate Lab so she is big. When I am at my grandma's house we have a puppy named Snoopy. She is smaller so you have to be careful not to hurt her. I call my grandpa Bepa he is nice to me too.